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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Train With The KC Courage Girls High School Soccer Alternative? Any girls 9-12 grade who are home schooled, who choose not to play soccer for their high school or don't have soccer at their high school. As their personal and work schedules allow, post-college KC Courage UWS players will assist with training sessions. Please understand that it is not our intent to purge local players from their high school teams, but simply provide the opportunity for those not wanting to participate.


What Will The Schedule Look Like?  This two month series of 90min training sessions twice a week is best suited for the ambitious, soccer-focused athlete. The players will train Tuesday and Thursday, from 8:30pm-10:00pm at the Overland Park Soccer Complex. The season parallels girls high school soccer and will run in the spring (March through April).

Can I still play for my club team and the KC Courage Girls High School Soccer Alternative? Yes, players can train with us without affecting their status on their club teams. This is not guest playing. This is simply about player development and an opportunity to train in the spring instead of playing high school soccer.


What if my daughter wants to play in college? We will ensure that all players who are interested in pursuing college soccer, regardless of the level, receive the necessary information to guide them through this challenging process. The KC Courage coaching staff has a large network of college connections, based on years of college placement across the United States with knowledge relative to the inner-workings of the recruiting process.  Our goal is to prepare each player for the college experience, regardless of whether or not they plan to play college soccer.


Is There A Cost To Participate?  2022 player fees are $250/month and siblings play for free. Uniforms for players chosen to play in scrimmages will be provided and there is no overnight travel. Fees are due by the first Tuesday practice of the month and players will not be allowed to participate until monthly fees are paid. A limited number of scholarships are available an applications are available upon request.

How is your women's team affiliated with this program? There are several post-college KC Courage UWS players that live and work in the Kansas City metro area.  These ladies are teachers, nurses, personal trainers, engineers, sales executives and coaches who look for any opportunity to be involved in their spare time. We strongly believe that mentoring relationships are important in the lives of female athletes.  The opportunity for high school aged girls to be trained by and alongside former college players who raise the speed, physicality and level of play, as well as encourage and help build confidence is the one thing that sets this team apart from others. Each training session is designed to improve and challenge the players within a competitive learning environment.

What about Games? Our UWS team, consisting of our local post-college players, typically has a few spring scrimmages scheduled against local college teams in late March and into April. Players from our High School Alternative program may get the opportunity to play in these scrimmages, but again, the sole purpose of this program is for player development and the opportunity to train in an academy style environment during the spring instead of playing high school soccer. Players for these spring scrimmages will be chosen from the player pool and may vary from game to game. There is no guarantee that a player will get to play in any of our spring scrimmages. Players chosen for games will be selected based on current skill level and potential and must have the ability, temperament and discipline to compete against current college players. 

How do I sign up? For more information, please fill out the contact form  or email Coach Louque at A Zoom player meeting will be held on Sunday, February 26.  Any interested players should make plans to attend. Training begins March 7 and players can join in at any time March-April so long as they are not playing on a high school team.

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